Is a PVC Rado Packraft right for you?


A super tough PVC Rado Packraft might be for you if:  

You sometimes jump in your packraft while it’s still half on shore, and bum skootch into the water, because you didn’t want to get your feet wet?

You make lunch in your packraft, thinking you won’t drop your knife while cutting the bagel?

You sometimes hook things, the wrong things, while you’re fishing?

You sometimes bump into sharp rocks, or pointy sticks?

You try to paddle through that one trickle of current over beaver dams?

You drive, train, or ATV to your launch spot much of the time?

You show up and blow up on bad-A** whitewater sections?

You paddle shallow rivers where your raft may get “cheesegratered”

You explore unknown blue lines and bulges on maps?

You rally on the roadside rivers?

You prefer to spend adventure time, well, adventuring? Not repair-uring?

You are a new paddler, building your skills and confidence?

You are a skilled paddler who lost their Giv’a **** for perfect technique?

You are a new paddler trying to impress that sexy skilled paddler over there?

You are a skilled paddler who keeps losing dating opportunities after shared water based outdoor adventures? 

You ever get tired and just drag your boat through the forest?

You are sick of kneeing yourself in the face when you get taco-ed by a big wave?

You dream of crossing big lakes, that can get windier than expected?

You sometimes stretch your season and paddle in colder water?

You love a cushy butt pad?

You want a raft you can trust lending to anyone?

You dream of bobsledding in your raft down an icy mountain to the water below?

You want to bring the kids snow rafting at the local toboggan hill?

You want to go snow rafting? You don’t need kids to justify it.

You dream of night paddling by candle light?

You bring your four legged friend paddling? And may have missed their last nail trim?

You trust your emotional support cat to keep its claws retracted when your packraft is out?

You feel a fully set up boat at 15 to 20 lbs is reasonable? Knowing that a  $5000 ultralight canoe or kayak starts around 35lbs. 


You are among the many who just want to get outside without too many worries?


Then a super tough PVC Rado Raft Packraft might be for you. 


If however:

you dream of long walks on the beach with short water crossings . . .

you always flow in deep calm rivers; and perform the perfect fly cast . . .

you avoid every sharp rock, or pointy stick . . .

AND are a skilled watercraft repair technician . . .

The PVC Rado Raft may not be your best packraft. For the rest of us, however, those seeking the unknown; you are among friends.

We don’t necessarily recommend all the above adventures, but we understand life happens. Your raft should be the last thing you need to worry about. Reach out and tell us your packrafting adventure dreams and realities!